IQAC - Reports

IQAC Reports

IQAC initiates to promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality culture and institutionalization of best practices. The IQAC enables the institution to focus on this mission through feedback in every stage.

Feedback of stakeholders:

The IQAC initiated online mode of feedback from all the stakeholders of the institution. Students required Techno-Pedagogy method of teaching-learning process. Faculty members suggested online orientation of the application of virtual platforms. Employers needed the implementation of recent technology in school curriculum. Parents and Alumni also suggested the supplementary courses in the ICT field.

Feedback of Academic activities:

The beneficiaries of various curricular and co-curricular activities suggested the better ways of improvement of conduct of the programme which leads to path of quality improvement in each step.

Feedback of Internship:

The feedback about the teaching competency and their participation in all the school activities were collected from School Headmaster, Mentor, Teacher Educator, Students of the school and Peer of the trainees. The immediate constructive responses from various stakeholders modified the behavior of the students in the right way.

Feedback of Student Satisfactory Survey:

The analysis of the feedback given by the students on the overall teaching learning process gave a very good appraisal of the faculty members also. The entire teaching learning process shifted to online mode due to pandemic which leads to boon for technology oriented education.